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Private Money Lending – Private Loan

When you mention private money lending, most people first think of is meeting a stranger somewhere on the road and handing over money in an envelope. However, this is not true. Our business also boils down to private money lending services, but that means we approve and lend you money outside the bank.

We operate as part of the Good Finance, a leading provider of financial mobile services in the EU and worldwide. We have over 2,000,000 satisfied customers who are able to offer private money lending and our other services at any time.

To private loan from all over Croatia


Private money lending is possible from Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, Osijek and all other places and cities within Croatia, which means that we are available wherever we are. Thanks to our online business, we have the ability to quickly process and repay a loan to your account. We also allow private loans to settle your finances in one day. Payment is only possible within 15 minutes of signing and receiving the documentation if you have met the minimum requirements to do business with us.

In all our services lies simplicity and flexibility. In just a few mouse clicks you can get cash in kuna via your computer, tablet or smartphone. All you need to request a private money loan is an internet connection and basic documentation. If you are reading this article, we believe that the Internet is available to you, the only thing missing is the basic information that you prove your identity.

Short term instant financing


There are many different ways of financing today. A lot of people and companies offer and try to offer very similar money lending services for a fixed period. Our business comes down to innovative solutions and services, some of which are among the first and for the first time available in Croatia. Here in one place you have an insight into short-term instant financing that is transparent with upfront costs even before you apply for a loan.

Private money lending

Private money lending is intended for anyone who is unable or unwilling to withdraw money from a bank. There are a number of situations and reasons that require money from a person. Most often these are emergencies to pay for medical expenses, medicines, vehicle repairs, registration, old bills and the like. You can dispose of cash loans at will and will without having to justify us. The money we lent you is only yours and you decide what to do next.

Maximum discretion is guaranteed in all of our services, including private money lending.

Contact a trusted, fast and secure partner because doing business with us means doing business in a fast, easy and quality way.