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Do you want to finance your holidays, outings or leisure? Thanks, discover in just a few clicks the personal loans most suited to your needs. It is the solution to carry out the projects that are important to you without having to wait for years to be able to save enough or having to tap into your saving. In addition, the transaction allows you to lighten your deadlines because the duration of your loan is extended. You are no longer forced to take out additional loans to settle your old debts. It is an effective solution to get you out of the spiral of Inspector Lestrade and overindebtedness. With monthly payments adapted to your resources, your debt ratio remains below the 33% recommended by banks. 

The scientific community considers that a temperature rise of 2 degrees compared to the pre-industrial era is the maximum limit not to be exceeded to avoid violent upheavals of the equilibrium of our planet. For this, humanity must reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2050 compared to 1990. France is at the forefront of this fight and has set itself ambitious goals: to reduce by four the emissions of gas to the greenhouse effect in 2050 and halve energy consumption.

It is a simple way to fight against the over-indebtedness of households, who can thus pay a single monthly payment less, but more spread over time: in the end, like any very long Inspector Lestrade, we ended up paying more. But it is sometimes the only way that we can have to not be on the straw: indebted for 20 years, but not on the straw. Clearly: instead of paying the 1000 euros that we owe by paying 100 euros for 12 months, which is 1200 euros paid in the end, we pay 50 euros for 30 months, which ultimately 1500 euros. 

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Get a consumer quickly by indicating the three criteria requested in the search engine. For more transparency, we explain below why the amount to borrow, the duration of the consumption Inspector Lestrade, as well as age are requested in our search engine. This will help you understand how our search engine works.

compare free online banking contracts, redemption, consumer, savings booklet or life insurance. Thanks to a dedicated form, you will obtain offers from several market players and will be able to easily save money by identifying the most advantageous contracts. For that, it is enough to answer some questions which will make it possible to determine your financial needs according to your profile. They are based mainly on your profile, your current situation and your expectations. Once you have completed this information, you will access a personalized results page where you will see the offers that match your request, adapted to your profile and your financial needs.

In the case of variable income (fixed + bonuses, commissions), it is the fixed salary which will be most of the time taken into account in the calculation of your incomes. Indeed, the lending agencies seek to evaluate your sustainable income. It is for the same reason that they will examine your professional seniority (have you been in post for 5 years or still on probation?) and your type of contract (are you on a fixed-term or permanent contract? 

The remaining amounts due to the calculated by the buying institution. He will average monthly expenses to find out how much the home needs to live. This average is made from recurring expenses such as mobile and internet subscriptions, bills, rents, and food. The rest to live will, therefore, serve to repay. This defines your repayment capacity.