Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation: Requirements to Obtain It

In this guide we will deal with debt consolidation: debt consolidation is a useful method to improve one’s economic situation by requiring a new loan with which to pay and pay off debts previously contracted that have not yet been repaid.

Thanks to this procedure, the debt contracted is paid (and therefore consolidated), in a single payment solution, thanks to which you can even get to have lower and easier to pay interest rates.

You can therefore overcome the chapter of accumulated debts and start a new installment payment with new installments that are easier to deal with and with less heavy interest rates to pay.

With debt consolidation, you can also renegotiate the installments and lengthen the time for payment.

Does Agos also allow debt consolidation? If yes, what should be done? Let’s see it together in our guide on debt consolidation.

How debt consolidation works

How debt consolidation works

Those who require a debt consolidation generally face a difficult debt situation full of payments to make, arrears to pay and installments to manage. In general, the person who uses it is a person who is no longer able to pay the monthly installments on time.

Sometimes those who find themselves in this difficult situation think of asking for a personal loan to get out of it, but in the end they only manage to worsen their economic situation. How can you manage to get out of this vicious circle and solve this problem? It is possible, thanks to debt consolidation.

With the help of this procedure you can in fact pay all the previous accumulated debts, request a loan from scratch and negotiate a new installment to be paid monthly with a new loan. Asking for a new loan allows you to choose even a lower monthly payment and go to save on interest rates .

In this way it will be easier to pay the installments and face the situation. Thanks to debt consolidation it is also possible to immediately have the money necessary to pay off the accumulated debts, receive a new debt plan and, as anticipated, choose the new interest rate and the new number of installments.

You can also lower the installment and extend the time to return the sum in order to solve many problems and take up your economic situation again, managing to make ends meet.

With the new installment and the new loan you will then be able to choose an installment that you can easily pay with your income. Using debt consolidation also allows you to avoid the risk of being marked as a bad payer and therefore avoiding the financial problems associated with this condition.

Below we talk about the specific debt consolidation offered by Agos and how to get it. Read on and you’ll find out everything there is to get debt consolidation and get out of a difficult economic situation.

Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation

The Debt Consolidation allows you to pay off all debts accumulated previously and to consolidate them into a single monthly installment that is easier to pay and lighter than the total amount of installments to be paid. With the consolidation, you can have lower interest rates and extend the duration of the installments.

The maximum amount that can be requested varies according to the client’s profile and the type of financing requested. If you turn out to be bad payers Agos recommends choosing different refinancing solutions, resorting to the sale of your fifth salary.

By resorting to debt consolidation with you can also request additional liquidity to be used or kept aside for emergencies. Not only allows you to have a loan for debt consolidation but even to have a debt consolidation loan if the sum to be repaid is very high.

The loan required for debt consolidation can be repaid either by crediting the current account or by paying the postal bills. The solution also allows you to skip an installment for each year of payment of the amortization plan to further facilitate the situation and put the payment in the queue to pay it over there.

Also allows you to change the amount to be requested

This financial consolidation tool allows you to receive numerous benefits. It allows you to have to deal with just one monthly payment, to reduce the interest rate and to talk to only one financial interlocutor instead of multiple.

It should be remembered, however, that in the case of debt consolidation, payment times become longer, especially if you choose to pay a lower rate. However, also allows the loan to be paid off in advance if the economic situation improves.

By extinguishing the debt ahead of schedule, other benefits and lower interest rates can be received. The debts consolidation allows you to pay all of them in a single monthly installment and to extend the loan repayments even up to 120 months and even have an additional amount of money if the person needs it.

To learn more about debt consolidation it is advised to visit the official website and also look for the quote examples to understand which solution is most suitable. You can also speak directly with a representative to get all the advice and directions necessary to request a debt consolidation.

We also advise you to always carefully check always choose the rates that best suit your needs. To apply for debt consolidation you must submit:

  • A valid identity document;
  • A copy of your salary or pension (self-employed workers must provide the Unique Model);
  • Funding documents to be paid.

Finally, we recommend taking a tour of the various banks and various institutions, including online ones, all this to compare the various rates and the various opportunities and to find the best solution that can satisfy all your requests.